5. Creative Development

CREATION process

5. Creative Development

After the proposal has been reviewed and accepted, the project kicks off. If Creative Development is part of the scope of work, we start there. If we are not spearheading creative, please skip to Pre-Production.

During Creative Development, we work with you to create the backbone elements of the video: the concepts, treatment, story outline, and script(s). We will create an account for you on our website and send you the link and password so that you can review the assets as they are created and submitted for your review:

  1. Concepts - The broad vision of the video. Generally, there are at least 3 options of video concepts that we present to you. You select one concept and we move into making a Treatment.
  2. Treatment - A short text document where we describe the concept in more tangible way. (the plot is more detailed, we explain why it is the best idea and what will be necessary to achieve the concept).
  3. Story Outline - We list out the actions of the story before it is scripted.
  4. Script - The story outline is written in script form. The script acts as the blueprint for the video for all departments involved.

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