10 Filmmaking Podcasts You'll Love


If you’re like me and have a decently long subway commute to work, podcasts are one of the best ways to make those rides better. Whether you are trying to drown out the sound of someone yodeling, a baby crying, or actually just want to learn something new, you are in luck! Now because you are here, I’ll assume you are at least a little interested in filmmaking. These podcasts focus on a range of film topics, covering everything from interviews with famous directors to technical post-production tips. So buckle in and enjoy this diverse set of podcast channels!

The No Film School Podcast

Host: Jon Fusco

About: No film school necessary! This podcast enlists a worldwide community of filmmakers, video producers, and independent creatives to collaborate and learn from one another. Podcast episodes feature interviews with leading filmmakers and industry authorities, check-ins from major film festivals, and weekly news updates from Indie Film Weekly.

Where to find it: iTunes, SoundCloud, No Film School website

Popular Episode: How to Prove You Can Write With Just One Script - 'Big Time Adolescence' Director Jason Orley


How Did This Get Made?

Host: Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas

About: This Earwolf network podcast won a Webby Award for best TV & Film Podcasts in 2019. This podcast jokes about bad and outlandish films, attempting to deconstruct their plots and determine if these films worth watching.

Where to find it: iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Earwolf website

Popular Episode: Shanghai Surprise (w/ Jordan Rubin)


The Director's Cut

Host: N/A (changes weekly)

About: This podcasts is put on by the Director’s Guild of America (DGA), and discusses behind the scenes stories centered around today’s most popular films. The Director’s Cut doesn’t have a formal host, so each episode features a new director that is being questioned by one of their peers. Conversations always reveal the grueling yet rewarding process of bringing stories to life in film.

Where to find it: iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, DGA website

Popular Episode: Avengers: Endgame with Anthony & Joe Russo and Todd Holland (Ep. 202)


Shoot This Now

Host: Tim and Deirdre Molloy

About: This married writing duo discusses what true stories they think should be made into TV shows and movies, and why. They also get into the nitty-gritty of who they would want to direct, write, and star in these hypothetical films. The Molloys had a few goals in mind starting this podcast: to dig up lesser-known stories that they think deserve to be told, to bring forgotten historical moments back to life, and to offer a fresh perspective to stories we are more familiar with.

Where to find it: iTunes, Spotify, Their website

Popular Episode: It's Weird That Michael Jackson's 2005 Trial Hasn't Gotten the 'People v. OJ Simpson' Treatment


The Close-up

Host: N/A  (changes weekly)

About: Film at Lincoln Center’s Podcast, the Close-up, comes out with new content every week. Each episode features deep conversations with filmmakers, actors, critics, and others. The podcast covers categories including NY Film Festivals, New Releases, Sneak Previews, and more.

Where to find it: iTunes, SoundCloud, Film at Lincoln Center Website

Popular Episode: #119 - Martin Scorsese (Part 1)



Host: John August and Craig Mazin

About: Scriptnotes is a weekly podcast about screenwriting and things that screenwriters would find interesting (apparently). Discussions cover broad topics like the craft of the business, but also get into more detail like how to get yourself to start writing, or even the vagaries of copyright.  

Where to find it: iTunes, Spotify, Their website

Popular Episode: 400 - Movies They Don't Make Anymore


IndieWire Filmmaker Toolkit

Host: Chris O'Falt

About: IndieWire produces several podcasts, but we find their Filmmaker toolkit one especially interesting. Episodes include interviews with TV and film creators, discussing their process and craft. Topics include, but are not limited to, screenwriting, film language, and cinematography. The meat of the podcast uncovers of the innovative ways that the best filmmakers make their visions become reality.

Where to find it: iTunes, SoundCloud, IndieWire website

Popular Episode: "Man Who Killed Don Quixote" Director Terry Gilliam


The Cutting Room

Host: Gordon Burkel

About: Earning the title of the official podcast for the Art of the Guillotine Network (Aotg), the Cutting Room tackles all aspects of post-production. Every week they interview editors and post-production professionals from around the world, learning about their approach and techniques they use when making films.

Where to find it: iTunes, SoundCloud, Aotg website

Popular Episode: Episode 2018 - Lynne Willingham (Breaking Bad, True Blood, X-Files)


The Ground Up Show

Host: Matt D’Avella

About: The host (who is a filmmaker, podcaster, and YouTuber) Matt D’Avella puts it best, “the Ground Up Show is a podcast for those bold enough to take the small steps.” The candid conversations he has with a wide variety of guests (filmmakers, authors, artists, and more) discuss low-budget filmmaking practices, but also some more general topics like health and well being.  

Where to find it: iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud

Popular Episode: 041 - The Art of Not Thinking


The Artful Camera

Host: Carl Olsen

About: Host Carl Olsen has a breadth of skills he shares in this podcast, but his expertise really shines through in the technical aspects of photography and film. This educational podcast is quite helpful for those wanting to learn more about the film industry and the journey of all things filmmaking.

Where to find it: iTunes, Spotify, His website

Popular Episode: Rick Delgado and the Art of Editing Documentaries (236)