Q&A with Good Brother Director Patricia Gloum


Good Brother recently added an incredible new director to the team - Patricia Arzimanoglou (Patricia Gloum). Raised in Paris but working in NYC now, Patricia specializes in fashion films, commercials, and music videos. She is constantly experimenting with nonlinear forms of storytelling, has received multiple awards for her work, and has even founded a creative house, Brawhaus, for freelancers to collaborate and support one another. Patricia has been featured in both Free the Bid and Girls are Awesome, and has worked for a plethora of clients including Uniqlo, Milk Makeup, Vogue, and Refinery 29. We are so excited for her to be a part of our team and wanted to get to know her better, so we asked her a few questions below.

How did you come up with “Gloum,” is this a nickname you’ve always had?

  • My real last name is too complicated for people in general to pronounce, also it determines a quarter of where I am from, I didn't want people to categorize me so I took the end of my first last name and the first letter of my second last name and Gloum appeared!


When did you realize you wanted to be a director?

  • When I realized I studied the ‘wrong’ field after my 2 internships in advertising agencies (to become an Art Director) was mainly sitting every day in front of a computer to create ideas and mood boards that another team was going to execute. I wanted to do the action as well (besides that I always loved filming with whatever cameras I had around and make fake commercials with my friend) and that is how I decided to do all the actions myself, and slowly slowly that grew with the years, I became more pro and never gave up in accomplishing my dream.

What are your favorite kinds of videos to direct?

  • Anything that is thinking a bit more out of the box, that transmits an emotion, a message. A comedy too. I love laughing!


What was the last good meal you had?

  • A salad grown from my little backyard in Brooklyn and amazing secret salad dressing I make accompanied with mushroom risotto.

What’s your favorite piece you've made so far? What would be your dream project if you could make anything?

  • My favorite piece so far is the one I shot last week. I captured an emotion I was craving for.

    My dream project would be to travel all over the world and film.


Do you find that your work reflects your international background at all?

  • A little bit yes.

What’s your favorite French restaurant in NY?

  • Tree Bistro (190 1st Ave, New York City, NY)

Tell us about these pop-up creative events you’ve been hosting! How did you come up with the story of a hat?

  • Story of a Hat, came of this idea to work on putting many directors like myself working on the same project, with this idea in mind that we are all equal and killing competition between people that share the same passion. The pop up creative events is about featuring Digital artists all over the world and get them a chance to be seen in projections around NYC. The events are also for people to meet and get our awesome creative network to tighten together.


What is your favorite TV show at the moment? Any series that you’ve binge-watched embarrassingly fast?

  • I don’t watch TV series nor Netflix...

What’s a random fact about you that you think is fun?

  • That I have a natural unibrow I decided to expose since 2 years? Lol

Who (or what) is your biggest source of inspiration? Are there any favorite directors or video creators out there that you obsess over?

  • My biggest source of inspiration is the internet, my friends, my trips and the streets. I love the work of Fleur & Manu, Mauricio & Santiago, Helmi, and Bart Hess!

Frame from Patricia’s fashion film, Housewife of Pluto.

Frame from Patricia’s fashion film, Housewife of Pluto.

Want to see more of Patricia’s work? Check out some of her videos on our website here, or go to her website to see all of her past projects!