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Mission video



Regeneron is a multi billion dollar biotech and pharmaceutical company based in Tarrytown, NY. The founder-led organization is a “science first” company whose focus is on patients first and profits last.


The Communications Department at Regeneron approached Good Brother in the hopes of creating mission videos to tell their story on their website and social media, and also help with recruiting efforts across the country.


Good Brother worked with Regeneron’s comms department to develop the creative structure of two separate pieces and identify visually appealing shots in Regeneron’s Tarrytown campus before capturing, editing, sound designing and color grading the final pieces.



• Creative Development

+ Concept
+ Script
+ Storyboard

• Pre-Production

+ Logistics
+ Scouting
+ Prep

• Production

+ Produced
+ Directed
+ Shot

• Post-Production

+ Post Supervise
+ Offline Picture Edit
+ Sound Mix & Master
+ Animations
+ Color Grade
+ Online Picture Edit & Final Assembly

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Creative Concept

Finding a balance between the technical/scientific side and the human side of Regeneron was an exciting challenge for us.

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Live Action Shoot

A 2 day shoot in Tarrytown, NY - the location of Regeneron’s main campus.

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From creative development through post production, this project took 4 months to complete. It took several rounds of back-and-forth when bidding and developing the concept before we landed on a concept and price point that would work for the client. Once we did though, the project came together quickly; pre-production took a little over 2 weeks, and the shoot only took 2 days. Post-production took 2 months, which we expected given the amount of approvals needed when working with an international biotech company.

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Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 6.39.27 PM copy.png

Production Specs

Cameras: 2
Shot in: 6K
Shot on: Red Epic Dragon
Lenses: Sigma Cine Primes
Shoot Days: 2
Production City: Tarrytown, NY


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