Case Study: Citi Bike

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"I think you really nailed it with this video!"

-Brent A., Creative Director Motivate International, inc.

I think you really nailed it with this video!
— Brent A., Creative Director Motivate International, Inc.

Case Overview

Citi Bike came to Good Brother asking for help to develop video concepts and script options as well as produce, shoot and edit a video. They wanted a video that to use on social media platforms for paid marketing and advertising. Originally they wanted a 2-3 minute video, but after some discussion a 60-second video with a 15-second cut-down was more appropriate for their purposes.

Next we came up with 5 concept options. Citi Bike eliminated two of those, and then we wrote 3 scripts. From there, we workshopped with Citi Bike until there was 1 final script that was best in show. We then storyboarded the script and moved into other pre-production activities such as casting, finding a crew, location scouting and other logistics.

The shoot was a 3-day shoot spread out all over NYC and Brooklyn. After each day, we logged the footage and started immediately sorting to have as fast of a post-production time as possible. After the first edit, we sent it off to Citi Bike to review and provide feedback. After two more rounds, Citi Bike’s video was complete. Once complete, we wrapped the project. Mission accomplished!


Keep scrolling through the rest of the case study for a more detailed explanation of our creative process, and exactly how we made CitiBike's advertising campaign come to life!

Storyboard Elements

Shoot Locations

The script highlighted quintessential New York spots. Therefore, we wanted the video to be a mash-up of historic locations that are known to New Yorkers residents as well as tourists.

Our locations included: Central Park, Radio City Music Hall, Flatiron Building, West Side Highway, Manhattan Bridge, Williamsburg Bridge, West Village, Madison Avenue, Soho, DUMBO, Williamsburg, and Brooklyn Heights.

Production Trike

The shoot needed to be fast and nimble to accomplish all of the locations and all of the shots in a 3 day period. We also needed to be stealthy and reset quickly if we needed to re-do a shot again. The production did not have a budget to shut down streets and bring in extras so if we had a production vehicle like car with a camera on it, it would take too long to reset by driving around the block. So, we opted to buy a Trike (think rickshaw without the cab) and we outfitted the vehicle with a cage made of speedrail, which acted both as a mount for a camera as well as guardrails to prevent falling out!


Here's a quick video showing how we made our trike!


RFP & Proposal- 5 days

Creative Development- 10 days

Pre-Production- 10 days

Production- 3 days

Post-Production- 8 days

Wrap & Delivery- 2 days

Total- 38 days or 7 weeks


Click on the photo above to check out the final 60 second spot!


Thanks for reading our CitiBike case study! If you have any questions about our process, feel free to shoot us an email at, or give us a call 718-222-3600.

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