Video Production Company

Our Work

We are a full-service video agency (video production company + ad agency) which means we specialize in everything from strategy and creative to post-production services. So if you know you need a video but don’t have a concept for it yet, we will help you figure that out.

After we create concepts and scripts we will dive into pre-production, or the logistics and planning of your video. Once all of the video details are established and everything is scheduled, we are ready to shoot your dream video. The shoot usually takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days, depending on the project. After wrapping we quickly get into post-production - the editing, sound, motion graphics, animations, and coloring of your video. Once we go through a few rounds of edits, we will hand-off the final cut and it will be ready to be distributed to the world!

Our past videos have been used in campaigns, commercials, documercials, experimental films, TV promos, show openers, and even for virtual reality. If you need a creative, production or post-production service provided, we would love to chat about working on your next project with you. Whether it’s a video marketing campaign on social media or a full-length feature film, we’ve got the team, equipment, and resources to make it happen!