Dark Stories

Dark Stories 1 v1.jpg


Dark Stories was YouTube’s first Virtual Reality horror anthology series. The basic premise is simple: a storyteller tells the viewer scary stories one-on-one, and those stories then begin to come to life around them!

The visuals & audio effects, distortions, etc. take different forms to fit each unique narrative and keep the viewer guessing and glued to the words that set the horrifying scene...


To give people a one-of-a-kind horror experience through an immersive horror show. What would it be like, not only to hear a creepy story but to have it come to life all around you?


Virtual Reality presented us with an exciting chance to actually put viewers inside a TV show and change the way people experience one of the oldest forms of storytelling… an actual person telling you a story.

As with every good story, there’s a twist: rather than the safety of a movie theater or your home living room, we could make use of the 360 degree virtual space to keep elements coming alive more and more intensely around you, building toward the climax of the story and giving horror fans a reason to keep one paranoid eye over their shoulder at all times.


Our ambitious first foray into non-branded live-action narrative VR meant filming with six different mini-HD cameras at once, syncing them together, and stitching together six pieces of HD footage into one massive UHD spherical video.


Our team’s passion for breaking new ground emboldened us to work arduous hours and try new experiments to make the project a reality. Along the way, we learned several valuable lessons and found elegant solutions to complicated problems in Virtual Reality that we still use on projects to this day.

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