First Date

First Date-046.jpg


This is an immersive VR experience of a first date. The viewer participates in a first date from the  perspective of both people and gets to not only hear the dialogue between the two characters, but also hear their inner thoughts about how the date is going.

The piece offers a new way to connect with and get into the emotional headspace of the characters. The viewer gets to more fully inhabit and empathize with the characters onscreen and experience a more intimate picture of how small changes in words and thoughts can create a spiral effect towards either a positive or negative outcome.


To create an immersive POV narrative that allows viewers/participants to experience a first date from multiple perspectives. As a viewer, we are used to observing dates in movies, tv shows, reality shows, but what would it be like to experience a date from the POV of each participant? How could we allow viewers to have a direct impact on how the date plays out? We wanted to see what that experience would be like if we collaborated with viewers instead of dictating how the story unfolds.


To create a completely new type of connection between the audience and the piece they are experiencing. First Date VR offers viewers a more direct way to relate to and empathize with the characters and ultimately dictate how the story unfolds as they go through this one-of-a-kind date.


We conceptualized how the date could go and created 4 scripts - 2 scripts where the date went well and 2 scripts where it didn’t  go well, one for each character. We mapped out a breaking point in the narrative where the participant makes a decision about what type of drink the characters should have, that seems fairly innocuous but represents a different state of mind, and ultimately starts a chain effect that unfolds over the second half of the experience. Depending on what choice is made, the date either gets better and better or completely unravels.


The VR film is currently making the rounds at film and interactive festivals. It will be available for viewing on the marketplace in January 2018.

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