Video Production Company


Strategy, Creative, Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production - all under one roof.


A brief overview

Good Brother is a video agency located in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY. We create digital commercials, videos, and documentaries for the internet, social media, and television.

We love projects that promote the products and services of brands and organizations that are trying to make the world better. Whether it is a product meant to improve happiness or service geared toward sustainability, we want to help you engage your audience and achieve your marketing goals through video. Our all-star creative team brings a passion for storytelling to every project, which has landed us partnerships with some of the world’s most respected brands.

What sets Good Brother apart from other video production companies? We are a family-owned and operated organization helmed by two brothers, Jake and Ethan Russell. We own a lot of our equipment and have an in-house media server - allowing for a faster, more reliable production and editing process. Our post-production review and feedback process are streamlined so that we can communicate as clearly and efficiently as possible - getting the final cut to you quicker than other production companies would. If you are looking for a high-quality video and a smooth sailing production process, we are the video agency for you!